• 1

    Apple Watch Series 4


    from £399 WatchS4

    The Apple Watch Series 4 has everything going for it – the larger screen, improved processor and louder speaker mean it’s easier to actually do stuff on it than any previous Watch, and it has a load of health features that just aren't on other wearables. Whether you're navigating somewhere using Maps, going for a run without your phone...

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    Samsung Galaxy Watch


    from £279 GalaxyWatch

    A sturdy and stylish smartwatch with plenty of power and a truly lovely user interface. Those with an iPhone are still likely to get a better experience and more functionality from an Apple Watch, though.

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    Garmin Vivoactive 3


    from £200 Vivoactive3

    It looks good.isn't a wrist -dominator, outlasts just about all normal smartwatches and gets you the same kind of tracking as the Fenix5 at half the price. We just wish it had more smart features up its sleeve.

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    Garmin Fenix 5


    from £450 Fenix5

    Like the annoying kid in school who's both super -smart and great at every sport.

  • 5

    Fitbit Versa


    from £200 Versa

    ecent battery life and a smattering of smarts make this an attractive watch.