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    Oculus Rift


    from £349 OculusRift

    The Oculus Rift has been playing catch-up for a while; but now that It 's got the fantastic Touch Controllers, has boosted its room-tracking capabilities to match the Vive and has had a price drop to easily undercut HTC's standard headset , it finally deserves to top our VR headset rankings.

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    Samsung Galaxy S10


    from £499 HTCVive

    Barring a E100 price difference , there isn't much difference between the HTC Vice and Oculus Rift in all honesty. But if you're thinking of upgrading to the Vive Pro in the future, this is a great gateway headset.

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    from £799 HTCVivePro

    This high-end headset offers the best virtual reality experience by a long way, but its sky - high price means you should only really buy it if you 're a VR obsessive with a super -powerful gaming PC.

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    Google Daydream View


    from £99 DaydreamView

    This budget -friendly option is the best way of bringing VR to the masses.

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    PlayStation VR


    from £260 PlayStationVR

    It can deliver incredible experiences, but the PSVR is held back by teething issues.