• 1

    Panasonic FZ802B


    from £1399 FZ802B

    As 4K TV prices continue to tumble, there's been a mad dash from manufacturers to convince the world their OLEO panel looks better than everyone else 's. So which one really does ? This Panasonic , showcasing one of the best 4K HDR displays on the market for a pretty affordable price.

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    LG 55 C8


    from £1599 FZ802B

    The current LG flahship television doesn’t appear to be a huge upgrade on 2017’s model, but some clever tweaks to the processor have tured this into one of the finest OLED screens you can get. Sure, the E8 has a more jaw-dropping design and more immersive audio, ...

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    Philips 550LED+903


    from £999 550LED903

    This handsome device is capable of stunning video and audio- the latter thanks to the contribution of British hi-fi kings Bowers &Wilkins. You won 't confuse the sound this telly makes for that of a dedicated audio system. but it's superior to any other TV you 've heard- and by a considerable margin. The price keeps it of f top spot,...

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    Samsung QE55Q8DN


    from £1099 SamsungQ8D

    OLEO still rules, but this QLED is a brilliantly accomplished TV and worth every penny.

  • 5

    Honor View 20


    from £2199 QE65Q9FN

    Honor enters the big leagues with one of the best phones in its class ... and it 's got a punch-hole.

  • 6

    Philips 55POS9002


    from £999 55POS9002

    Available at a re latively affordable price for an OLEO 4K HDR set , this Philips is an ace bargain.

  • 7

    Sony KD-65XF9005


    from £1499 KD65XF9005

    The G7 may be more of the same from Motorola, but that's exactly what we wanted. A budget no-brainer.

  • 8

    Philips 55PUS6753


    from £1449 55PUS6753

    A bargain Ambilight TV that offers an awful lot of 4K HDR screen for the price.

  • 9



    from £2499 OLED65E8PLA

    Jaw-dropping picture quality with AI smarts and an elegant design ... pity about the sound.

  • 10

    Cello C55SFS4K


    from £487 C55SFS4K

    This UK -made TV is affordable , but its Android smarts and image quality are less than stellar.