• 1

    Sonos multiroom system


    from £199 SonosOne

    If you want to pretend your favourite band is playing in your living room , there's no better option than a Sonos wireless speaker. They look great, work with your smartphone and boom out your tunes with dazzling finesse - from the ...

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    Naim Mu-so


    from £839 Naim Mu-so

    How much for a wireless speaker?!Well, yes, but what a wireless speaker it is. Naim has ploughed all of its high-end hi-fi experience into delivering a brautiful made, great – sound device with AirPlay, Spotify Connect and aptX Bluetooth all on board.

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    from £130 RivaS

    With six drivers pumping out music with a tonal fidelity unrivalled by similarly priced speakers , this Riva is a must -have for sound nerds. Take into consideration the 13-hour battery life and a USB port on the back to charge other devices, and it's also a great travel companion.

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    Naim Mu-so Qb


    from £545 Mu-soQb

    Complements its big brother's more refined character with a confident presentation.

  • 5



    from £999 KEFLSX

    Convenience and fine sound at a real-world price. and in some vivid colours.

  • 6



    from £169 KiangM1

    Exceptional build quality and sound in a comprehensive compact speaker.

  • 7

    Jam Heavy Metal


    from £60 /Jam HM

    Classy sound and design at a bargain price: this is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker .

  • 8

    UE Wonderboom


    from £50 Wonderboom

    This little speaker might look cute, but it's a sonic grenade - one you can deploy anywhere.

  • 9

    UE Megaboom 3


    from £170 Wonderboom3

    You'll struggle to find a better, or more fun, portable Bluetooth speaker.

  • 10

    Marshall Stanmore II Voice


    from £350 Stanmore2Voice

    A multi-use speaker with rock'n'roll looks, great sound , wireless convenience ... and Alexa.