Huawei P30 Pro


from £140 TarahPro

Huawei 's latest superphone sets a stratospheric benchmark for camera power, with no cost to overall performance. Everything about the design is top-notch, with only screen sharpness failing to hit the very highest marks - at least by Huawei 's own giddy standards. But it's those oh-so-clever rear camera lenses that really set the P30 Pro apart . If you think photography is the most important skill you need from your next phone , this is the one to get.

Huawei P30 Pro takes the best bits of the Mate 20 Pro and adds a terrific camera.

The P30 Pro is Huawei’s photography-focused flagship, competing against the spring batch of Android flagships — chiefly, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus. Huawei has positioned the P series as the premier camera phones on the market, but make no mistake — the P30 Pro is no niche device targeted only at enthusiast photographers.

Heaps of power - and the best smartphone camera you can buy.