• 1

    Huawei P30 Pro


    from £140 TarahPro

    Huawei 's latest superphone sets a stratospheric benchmark for camera power, with no cost to overall performance. Everything about the design is top-notch, with only screen sharpness failing to hit the very highest marks - at least by Huawei 's own giddy standards. But it's those oh-so-clever rear camera lenses that really set the P30 Pro apart .

  • 2

    Samsung Galaxy S10


    from £799 S10

    Some phones have more power, Some have better cameras, some last longer between charges .but the S10 isn’t far behind in any area, and has just about every feature you could want: a versatile camera, a gorgeous display and truly ace performance

  • 3

    Mate 20 Pro


    from £730 Mate20Pro

    A clear front -runner until the P30 Pro turned up , Huawei's 2018 flagship has a superb triple-lens camera with the company 's astounding AI - assisted night mode . It 's more tech-packed than most phones, yet battery life is a match for any of its rivals.

  • 4

    Apple iPhone XS


    from £999 iPhoneXS

    Familiar on the outside, hiding treats on the inside: this is the X but better.

  • 5

    Honor View 20


    from £450 View20

    Honor enters the big leagues with one of the best phones in its class ... and it 's got a punch-hole.

  • 6



    from £529 Pius6T

    This is still the best way to avoid spending E800 or more on a phone

  • 7

    Moto G7


    from £220 MotoG7

    The G7 may be more of the same from Motorola, but that's exactly what we wanted. A budget no-brainer.

  • 8

    Sony Xperia XZ3


    from £700 XZ3

    Sony 's best contender to date combines a fine display, a great camera and slick performance.

  • 9

    Samsung Galaxy Note9


    from £799 Note9

    You 'll have to pay a premium for the S-Pen and extra screen, but this is a superb phone for creatives.

  • 10

    Google Pixel3 XL


    from £719 Pixei3XL

    The latest Pixel isn't a dramatic revolution, but it's still one of the best Androids around .