• 1

    Data Wing


    from £free Android

    This game starts off as if Asteroids had with a baby with a top-down racer: your triangular craft blasts around ciruits, gaining spees when its burn scrapes neon track edges.Soon you discover you’re part of an OS ruled by deranged AI. Story and game quikly expand,...

  • 2

    Euclidean Skies


    from £4.99 iOS

    This is a challenging mobile game that pulls off quite the achievement in managing to create demanding and labyrinthine pathways from what are essentially single-screen puzzles.

  • 3

    Odd mar


    from £free Android

    Oddmor looks like it could have breezed in from a PS4. Now available on Android as well as iOS, it's packed full of superb level design and lush animated visuals, as a beardy Viking oaf sets out to save his tribe.

  • 4

    Slydris 2


    from £free iOS

    Drop some blocks and shatter them to bits in this turn-based endless puzzle masterpiece.

  • 5

    Snakebird Primer


    from £7. 99 iOS

    Prove you're not a birdbrain in this twisty puzzler by leading worm-like avians to a goal.