• 1

    RHA TureConnect


    from £150 TureConnect

    Wireless in-ears usually come with compromises. Great sound ,poor fit. Great design, no waterproofing. And that 's before we start on the biggest bugbear :connection stability. But the RHA TureConnects seem to nail all the important stuff , and arguably better than others we 've tested .

  • 2

    Sony WF-1000X


    from £799 SonyWF

    Sony's buds offer impressive levels of detail and clarity, a decent amount of bass weight, great dynamics, and active noise-cancelling that works as well as you can expect from a pair of in-ears.

  • 3

    SoundMagic E11C


    from £50 E11C

    Super-light and incredibly comfortable, the E11Cs have a slightly more premium look than their predecessors. See also the excellent E11 BTs, which add Bluetooth for only a few extra quid.

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    Jabra Elite Sport


    from £162 EliteSport

    Great -sounding fully wireless buds with a heart -rate monitor on board.

  • 5

    Jaybird Tarah Pro


    from £140 TarahPro

    These flexible Bluetooth buds are a fantastic option to help you keep on running.