• 1

    Sony PlayStation 4


    from £325 SonyPlayStation 4

    As a gaming platform, PlayStation 4 is the best around – which makes the PS4 Pro the best of the best. Games optimized for the new console look stunning on a 4K HDR TV, and are substantially improved by the extra grunt inside this slightly bigger machine. Sure, it can't match the Xbox One X for sheer power or resolution...

  • 2

    Nintendo Switch


    from £799 Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo's console earned a promotion in our list after it impressed us with a growing list of fantastic games. Plus, no other device here offers the joy of portable gaming. Train journeys will never be boring again.

  • 3

    Microsoft Xbox One X


    from £450 XboxOneX

    There's no doubt the Xbox One X is the most powerful console here, capable of producing stunning 4K visuals ... but it simply doesn't have the line-up of games to usurp the PS4 Pro from top spot.

  • 4

    PlayStation 4


    from £250 PlayStation 4

    Familiar on the outside, hiding treats on the inside: this is the X but better.

  • 5

    Microsoft Xbox One S


    from £229 XboxOneS

    No longer our X box of choice, but the OneS remains a serious affordable option.