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    Jaguar I-Pace


    from £60,994 ipace

    Not content with simply making an electric vehicle that can get you from A to B with minimal fuss (and fuel bills) , Jaguar has created something desirable, fun to drive and impressively capable when the going gets tough. This car offers Amazon Alexa integration,...

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    Volvo XC90 TB


    from £62,493 XC90T8

    The latest XC90 is a monster 4x4 that features some of the most impressive interior tech seen on any car today, hybrid or not. It also looks great , rides beautifully and can tackle the twistiest routes.

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    BMW i8 Roadster


    from £126,935 8Roadster

    It has a tiny engine borrowed from a Mini Cooper , but the added contribution of an electric motor driving the front wheels turns this stunningly futuristic convertible into a genuine supercar.

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    Testa Model X


    from £82,350 TeslaX

    An incredible, extravagant fully electric car that's more practical than the Model S.

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    VW Golf GTE


    from £29,804 VW Golf GTE

    Volkswagen keeps the Golf’s heritage alive with a plug-in hybrid that’s breeze to dirve