• 1

    Fujifilm X-T3


    from £1349 Fujifilm X-T3

    The X-T20 nails the sweet spot between price and performance It's really hard to find anything bad to say about the X-T3- it 's just consistently great in so many ways . Fuji has looked at virtually every feature on the X-T2 and upgraded it. With substantial tweaks made to the pro-level video options, the high-res EVF, ...

  • 2

    Sony A7 III


    from £1829 Sony A7 III

    The A7 IIImanages to pack in a lot of technology and desirability for less than £2000.It’s a fantasic all-rounder that’s well suited to a bunch of shooting scenarios, coping well with landscapes, portraits, and even a little bit of high –speed sport shooting. ...

  • 3

    Fujifilm X-T20


    from £599 XT20

    With its 24.3MP APS-C sensor, plus a touchscreen, the X-T20 will deliver results that are in some cases just as good as you'll get from Fuji 's pricier models – and will leave you with a lot more spare cash in your account. With well-laid-out controls, ...

  • 4

    Panasonic Lumix G9


    from £1149 lumixG9

    The G9 is the best Lumix camera to date and a fine choice for wildlife or action photography.

  • 5



    from £1079 A6500

    A cracking system cam for action photography, but stick with the A6300 if your budget is tight.

  • 6

    Fujifilm X-H1


    from £1199 X H1

    By adding in-body image stabilisation, Fuji has created a wonderful all-rounder.

  • 7

    Canon EOS 800


    from £970 800

    The 800 is so easy to use that even a toddler would get some great shots with it.

  • 8

    Nikon Z6


    from £1899 Z6

    A top - notch and reasonably sized mirrorless camera from the optical experts.

  • 9

    Nikon d850


    from £2849 2849

    This super -cam has enough fantastic features to excel in pretty much any situation.

  • 10

    Fujifilm GFX 50S


    from £4999 GFX50S

    It 's not cheap, but no camera we've tested takes better photos than this.